E-commerce Agreements & Domain Name Assignments

Electronic commerce (ecommerce) is trading carried on by electronic means. E-commerce is generally conducted over the internet, to which access is unrestricted. In its most basic form, this involves a change in the medium of communication: transactions which would otherwise have been concluded by an exchange of letters or documents may instead be concluded by, for example, an exchange of e-mails or more commonly via a website. In its more complex forms, a contract can be concluded by communication between two or more computers without any immediate human intervention.

E-commerce has many attractions for businesses, including:

  • Access to a potentially massive customer base. 
  • The ability to restructure the way that business is done. 
  • The potential for cost savings (particularly in the case of certain sectors such as publishing, music   or computer software, where distribution costs can virtually be eliminated).
  • Significant marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • Speed of transaction.

A number of specific applications have been developed for use on the internet. The most significant of these are: e-mail and the world wide web, which enables users to move from a document (or "web page") at one location (or "website") on the internet to another website, or another page on the same website, simply by clicking on a hypertext link. The key standard that enables websites to be displayed and viewed is the http and the software language used to produce websites is known as hypertext mark-up language (html). The web therefore provides a relatively easy way of navigating around what is otherwise an un-catalogued mass of information. All that is needed to view the hypertext material is a browser software, which enables a user to locate, display and download on the web and various websites and applications which allow users to post and share their own content.

We can help you by:

  • Website Design, Development and Hosting Agreements. 
  • Website Support and Maintenance Agreements and SLAs. 
  • Website linking licences.
  • Website content licences.
  • Website Audit. 
  • Domain Name agreements and assignments.
  • Terms and Conditions of Website Use, Email and Internet Policies. 
  • Social Media policies and terms of use of social networking sites.
  • General Terms and Conditions for online trading. 
  • Privacy Policy, Disclaimers and Data Protection.

At Anassutzi & Co, we provide a clear, honest and commercial review of all the various legal issues in relation to ecommerce and IT matter, having regard to the commercial realities of your business at fixed fees! We can truly give you the best option and direction for each case your business intellectual property including its acquisition, protection and exploitation, having only your company’s best interests at heart, at very competitive prices!

Here are some examples of how we helped other businesses:

Case 1: Acting for an internet company in relation to setting upits transactional website, drafting internet services agreements, web site terms and conditions of sale, terms of use, privacy policy and advising in relation to its website design and development contracts together with issues of infringement of copyright.

Case 2: Acting in relation to the setting up and operation of an electronic exchange platform including drafting, negotiating and finalising terms and conditions of use for participants and terms and conditions, SLAs and KPIs for the suppliers together with terms of web use and privacy policy.

Case 3: Acting in relation to web advertising, promotion and linking agreements, preparing bulletin and chat room terms and conditions, together with website content provision agreement and user generated content licences; also drafting and finalising shopping mall operating agreements.

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