A multi-disciplinary consultancy set up in 2007 and aimed at offering first class transactional, commercial and contract support to businesses of all sizes including MDs, FDs, CEOs, and entrepreneurs leaving you free to focus on your business priorities whilst she sorts out the legal issues. Anassutzi & Co ltd is run by senior technology lawyer with over two decades of international experience Dr. Maria Anassutzi. See her LinkedIn profile or contact her for more information.




A new way to get expert contract support in highly specialised areas of your business such as information technology, intellectual property, cloud computing and high worth purchase or supply contracts in a cost and time efficient manner.




We offer:

  • Very competitive fixed project fees; and
  • A secure checkout for you to purchase specialised toolkits including checklists, precedents and drafting notes to enable you to grow your business in a risk managed manner; and
  • Highly focused pragmatic seminars; and
  • Bespoke in-house training to address your needs and the needs of your workforce; and
  • Discounts and offers for multi-purchases.


We achieve successful long term relationships by:

  • Investing time to get to know you;
  • Understanding your industry business, needs, goals and objectives;
  • Providing support in a commercial context;
  • Being transparent in billing and sharing cost efficiencies with you;
  • Regularly reviewing performance and services with you.




If you are looking for support in your daily or one-off contracts and you are unhappy of the traditional model law firms offer or do not want to pay the fees of law firms or do not trust the quality and limited support that automate templates generally available offer, then you should contact us. We offer the best of all worlds.


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